We are offering the business opportunity of a lifetime.

   "Our program to Partner with our Operator/Instructors as we expand our business to  become the Largest Driving school in California".

   First enroll in our Ca Department of Motor Vehicles approved Instructor course an receive your Instructors License. We have reduced our price to only $499.00 and pass your instructors Test to receive your instructors license.

   Buy a Training car at a fleet price! Put our required signage on and install dual brakes and instructor mirror.

   Purchase the correct insurance for driver training.

   Start advertising for students within 25 miles of your home. We will help you set up your advertising.

   Purchase your teen certificates from us at $10.00 per hour for the first 6 hours. $60.00 per certificate.

   Example: You enroll a teen at $299.00. Pay us $60.00. You have made $239.00. Rent them your car for the drive test for $100.00. You have made an additional $100.00.

   Please call our Operator Charles Hard at 951-790-8946 or owner Joellyn Chehovin  at 951-443-5286 to Obtain more information.